Herding Devils Border Collies



Litter control G-Litter (Lyn x Ben)

On 9th and 10th September there was the litter control for ASDS from Dipl.-Tzt. Manfred Eckenfellner and litter control for ÖCBH from breeding officer Mrs. Margit Brenner.

All puppies packed their bags already and soon they all will move to their future owner.

Time flies fast and it's time to say good bye to a very sweet and special litter.

I wish all new puppie owners all the best with their new companions, take good care of them and enjoy your time together.


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Eye Examinations

Yesterday we were at the Tierklinik Hollabrunn for eye examinations at Mrs. Dr. Sabine Wacek.

Tessa is clear for all hereditary eye diseases with 5 1/2 weeks old.

Furthermore Herding Devils Away To Me "Pace" eyes are also still clear for all hereditary eye diseases, so green light for her upcoming last litter (I-Litter).

In addition also Taff got his eyes examinated and I'm happy to announce that also his eyes are clear for all hereditary eye diseases including glaucoma. Therefore is now available for stud.


Tessa (Herding Devils H-Litter) already 5 weeks old

Tessa out of the combination Grip x Cafall ist already 5 weeks old and she keeps the whole pack busy already.


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G-Litter 7 weeks old

Time flies by, the puppies out of the G-Litter (Lyn x Ben) are 7 weeks old now and new pics of them were long overdue


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Hafod Ifan Billie @ Sheep

- Don't care about the size, when they know what they are born for - 



Hafod Ifan Billie @ Pfostenschau

On 29th August 2020 Hafod Ifan "Billie" was at the local "Pfostenschau" in Flatz, judge was Mag. Dr. Katja Wolf.

She got a really nice judges report, but because of her small size, she only got a "sufficient" which is unfortunately not enough for FCI breeding in Austria
Maybe she is still growing a few centimeters and we have the chance to get a suitable show result later.

"9 Monate alte, sehr kleine zierliche Hündin, hübscher Kopf, dunkle Augen, scöhne Stehohren, schöne obere und untere Linie, zierliche zum Gesamtbild passende Knochenstärke, korrekt angesetzte Rute, freie Bewegung, leider zu klein, aufgrund eines Gewitters stark irritiert, aber sehr liebes Wesen



G-Wurf | Eye Examination

The puppies out of the G-Litter (Lyn x Ben) are 6 weeks already, therefore we went to the required eye examination to doctor Mrs. Wacek.

All babys were extremely wellbehaved and brave, they are of course CEA/PRA/KAT free.


Tessa got her own page!

Tessa is already 2 1/2 weeks old, she is growing fast, her eyes are already open and she is exploring the world together with mummy Grip.

She also already got her own page under "My Dogs".


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G-Litter already 5 weeks old

Wow, times runs fast, the puppies out of the G-Litter (Lyn x Ben) are already 5 weeks old :)

Of course there are again new pictures of the Babys.


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All puppies found their future homes

All puppies out of the G-Litter found their future homes.

Tessa out of the H-Litter will support the pack of the Herding Devils in the future.

Thank you for all your interest in a Herding Devils Puppy.

No further litters planned this year, litter plans for 2021 will be announced.


G-Litter News

The puppies out of the G-Litter (Lyn x Ben) are already nearly 4 weeks old.

All of them got already their own names and most of them also already found their future owners.

In addition there are also new pictures of the pups!


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Onlypup "Tessa" already 1 week old

The onlychild out of the H-Litter (Grip x Cafall) "Tessa" is already one week old.


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New pictures of the G-Litter puppies

The pups out of the G-Litter (Lyn x Ben) are already 3 weeks old.


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The H-Litter arrived!!!


1 bitch was born. 1 dog was born dead.

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Grip - Day 54


Happy counting, we could see 2 (maybe 3) puppies.


The G-Litter puppies are born!!!


On 14.7.2020 4 dogs and 3 bitches were born.

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Lyn - Day 56


Happy counting, we could see 7-8 puppies.


Grip is pregnant


The insemination was successfull, Grip is confirmed pregnant ❤️
Maybe it will be not a too big litter, the final numer we will know according to x-ray one week before birth or after birth. Now we enjoying the final weeks of pregnancy.


Lyn is pregnant


Proudly confirm that Lyn is pregnant!
Bubbles are still small, but heart beats could be already detected!
Looking forward to this litter, will be born mid of July!


Grip was inseminated

Grip was inseminated with frozen semen on 1.6. at Tierklinik Vorchdorf from Dr. Sontas.


Lyn was mated to Ben


Lyn was mated to Ben on 10.5. & 11.5., if everything was successful we expect our Herding Devils G-Litter arround 12.7.


Goodbye Evil


On 30.12.2019 I had to say goodbye to "Willy" - Evil of Bungee-Borders.
Rest in peace my dear friend, my shadow. You will stay forever in my heart!