Herding Devils Border Collies

About me

My name is Beatrix Hausdorf (Trixi). I was born on 14th October 1986. I'm living together with Manuel in Ruppersthal, Lower Austria. With my Border Collie pack I fulfilled a big dream.

On 24th February 2008 Chaplin of Bungee-Borders moved in with us. He is from the C-Litter of the Bungee-Borders (Breeder is Kathrin Gleis) and he has 6 siblings. Although I was tracking this litter since the pups were born, for me it was not clear at this time that one of them will move in with us. But after all of the other puppies were already given away Chaplin had not yet found a new home. Now it was clear for me, that he is waiting for me.

After some time I was affected of the herding virus. This allowed us to win many new friends and gain more experience.

Totally fascinated of this unique breed, soon it was clear that a further Border Collie will sometime move in with us. On 23rd May 2010 the time had come and Evil Of Bungee-Borders follows as a half-brother of Chaplin in the pack. Evil is also bred by Kathrin Gleis (Bungee-Borders) and has 7 siblings. Thanks Kathi, I was allowed to be present at the mating and during the birth of the litter. Evil was born as the first one and for me it was immediately clear that he will be mine.

Some time has passed now, since 15th March 2012 a cute little girl from Wales strengthens the Herding Devils. After some time of waiting, I received the positive message of Richard Millichap, that Grip will move to Austria. As she is the only female pup out of this litter, I had the great honor to take her with me. I'm very excited about the outcome of this little Girly, we can be excited in any case!

On April 9th 2014, the pack increased again, another newcomer from Wales amplifies the pack. Drift, a small, naughty boy, bred from Arwyn Davies lives now in Austria.

On 24.06.2014 the first Herding Devils litter was born (parents are Grip and Chaplin). One girl out of this litter, Pace, stays with us.

Things always seem to happen when you least expect them :) I saw Lyn in a Facebook advertisment and couldn't resist her eyes. So she joined our pack in september 2015.

It continues with my first brown Border Collie Zac, he came directly from UK and joined our pack in September 2017. Yes, I can confirm that the brow ones are a bit different, but as many people know, I love the challenge and the unusual types.

On 31.1.2018 the puppies out of my absolute dream mating were born. A combination of Lyn x Chaplin, it was clear from the beginning that a bitch from that litter would expand our pack. When Dwyn, the little split-face girl slipped out, the decision was almost made. The D-Litter is something very special for me and I don’t want to miss the new friends who cam into my life as a result.

And because you can never have enough Border Collies, the next brown male from Wales came into our pack, completely unplanned. Taff our loveable and funny boy. Again and again I looked at the pictures of this litter, but my mind told me that our pack consists of too many young dogs, but as you can see, in the end the heart won.

Unfortunately, as much fun as a dog pack is, there are downsides too, which became painful in December 2019. On 30th December 2019 I had to say goodbye forever to my beloved Willy, my shadow, after a short, severe illness. He is missing infinitely here and tears a huge hole in the pack.

Willys dead it quickly became clear, that soon a new puppie will join us, to fill the big gap he left, but of course no dog in the world can replace him. I choosed Billie according to the motto "don't search for a special looking dog, just find one to fall in love with". Therefore it became black/white/mottled/smooth/bitch instead of a dark/black/tan/rough/dog. Billie has a very promosing pedigree, so we looking forward to the development in the future together

One thing is definitely clear, without my dogs my live would not be as great as it is. Therefore I always say:
Once you have a Border Collie, you'll always have a Border Collie.