Herding Devils Border Collies

Breeding goals

Herding Devils breeding dogs are selected with high criteria of health, working abilities and character.
That means, dogs which are used for breeding in my kennel, fulfill breeding requirements of the Austrian “Club für britische Hütehunde” (ÖCBH/FCI) and the “Austrian Sheepdog Society” (ASDS/ISDS).



My main goal is, to breed Border Collies, which are healthy and correspond to the origin working type with natural genetic endowments for working sheep. Furthermore, I also pay great attention to characteristics of my dogs. Despite to all these high standards for selecting the parents for a litter, we cannot always guarantee for full health and suitability of a puppy. Of course, I’m more than anxious to only use proven Border Collies for breeding. Unfortunately, sometimes it can happen, that the nature has other plans.

Pups from my kennel are born in the house and mainly grow up in the house, carefully reared by their mother. They also have already contact to different people, children and dogs of my pack. After about 5 weeks the little ones move into the dog room, there they have enough space to run and jump around as they like. Depending on the season we spend moreover a lot of time together outdoors. First car drives, visits at the vet and small excursions belong to the puppy program too.

I really pay a lot of attention for rearing and shaping the pups with a lot of love, patience and time, so they are well prepared for the future. That’s the reason why there is only approximately one litter per year in my kennel. So I ask interested persons for a puppy to contact me already in time.

After 9 weeks the puppies are allowed to move into their new homes. They’ll get FCI and ISDS papers, were wormed regularly, had an eye examination with 6 weeks, are vaccinated and chipped with 8 weeks and will have an EU Pet Passport.

Future owners of a Herding Devils pup should be active people, who are able to challenge and promote a Border Collie out of working lines, no matter if they will be herding sheep and/or will do kinds of dog sports.

As the breeder of these wonderful dogs I wish to stay in regular contact with the puppy owners, in order to be informed about the health and education development.


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All Litters

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